Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Jason Derulo - Tattoos World Tour review! - Leeds O2 Academy.

Last week we went to one of our favourite venues, Leeds O2 Academy to see Jason Derulo and support act Conor Maynard. Jason is currently on his #TattoosWorldTour. To see such a worldwide star play such a small venue, was amazing. We'd never seen Jason Derulo before, so we weren't sure what to expect. The show was incredible!

Jason was supposed to perform at Leeds O2 academy on his last tour, but it was cancelled, because he broke one of the vertebrae in his neck. So he kept his promise and returned to perform here this time. Which was very admirable of him, because he could have easily sold out the arena, which is only a few feet away from the O2 academy.

Conor Maynard warmed up the crowd before Jason came on. He was pretty good for a support act, he could have probably played this venue all by himself. 

Jason's dancers could have also toured the world, as an act in their own right. Their performance was amazing. It's rare to see an artist travel with so many backing dancers, but we thought it really worked well for Jason.

Jason's singing was perfect, flawless even whilst he was dancing and doing hand stands. Some artists, when you see them at their own show, have 'filler' songs in-between their hits, where everyone kind of has to wait through it till we can get to the good stuff. It was completely the opposite at this concert, every song was fantastic. 

The show was definitely entertaining, great for a girls night out. At one point Jason and his dancers pulled a load of girls on stage to act as weights whilst they did push ups. Which definitely made those girls' nights. It was great to see an artist interact with fans at a show, rather than just only perform songs. 

Everyone on stage had so much energy and gave it their everything. It was an amazing show and we definitely recommend going to see Jason live. We'd definitely go again if we were given the chance! 

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