Saturday, 15 March 2014

Word Of Mouth tour review!

Following their decision to take a ‘break,’ The Wanted played the opening night of their Word Of Mouth arena tour last night at Liverpool Echo Arena. Playing songs from said album, Word Of Mouth and their other two albums, Battleground and The Wanted, the tour seemed to be kind of a farewell from the boys. ‘Highlights reels’ were played throughout the show in between songs. A look back of the last four years they’ve been together.

Upcoming acts Elyar Fox and The Vamps supported the lads, who both were amazing. Especially The Vamps, the crowd were singing along and going crazy.

The Wanted's set-list was as follows:

The tour was more relaxed than their other’s and felt more personal. They all had something to say in between songs.

The lads ended the night by thanking everyone. Their management, their family and friends, their band and lastly, their fans. Before ending with their two most sentimental songs, their first single All Time Low and most popular hit, Glad You Came.

Although their ‘break’ isn’t final, the tour felt like a goodbye. Whether we get five more tours from the boys or none, we’ll be happy. We felt incredibly nostalgic and emotional through the whole thing. We want to thank the lads for the past four years, for giving us so many amazing memories. 


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