Monday, 16 September 2013

Has Max George got a new lady in his life?!

As you all know, we're longtime huge fans stalkers of The Wanted. We were scrollin' through our twitter timeline today and it is full of ship tweets. It looks like Max has got himself a lady friend.

The supposed lucky lady in question is Nina Agdal. Danish, 21 and a model - look how gorgeous she is?! Nina posted a photo on instagram last night of a mystery man with the caption "Someone is happy to see me..."

Credit - Instagram @ninaadgal

Max then tweeted a photo with a caption today replying "was I as happy as you seeing this?!!.....;)"

Credit - Twitter @MaxTheWanted

What's even more of a shock is that all you TW Fanmily are taking it so well?!? A boyband member dating rumour that hasn't ended in tears, tantrums and twitter rants?!? It's practically unheard of!

If this is all true, Max we are so happy you've gotten a new lass in ya life, you deserve to be happy!
If it's nonsense, keep being that party boy we love so much Max ;)

PS. Here's a photo of us with the lads in June. We love it so much, any excuse to look at it again, we shall take.

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