Thursday, 7 March 2013

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2013!

As you (should) already know, next Sunday, the 10th March, is Mother's day in the UK. Struggling on what to get your lovely Mum? We're here to help! Here are some ideas.


Wine (Only buy if you are over 18! Get another relative who is over 18 to purchase for you to give to your mum if you're under age.)
Chocolates. Don't really need to say anything do I? Who doesn't love chocolates? Our favourites are Lindt Lindors and Malteser bunnies.

   Slightly more original

Emeli Sandé - Live at The Royal Albert Hall DVD & CD. My Mum already snapped this up and watched it/listened to it a million times before I had the chance to get it for her. She loves it. So do I, sooo much better than her album. A MUST buy, even if you're reading this and mothers day has finished (by the way how did you come across this?!?), you should buy this just to have a mother and daughter/son bonding session. Wine (lemonade for you!) and chocolates must accompany this, obviously. You can buy it at Asda here for the bargain price of £8. 
Posh Coffee. As a coffee addict, I think this idea is lovely. It won't cost you more than a couple of pounds and if your Mum is a coffee drinker, she will love the idea. The Douwe Egberts range come in small pots so you can buy a couple and test them out!
Candles. Treat your Mum to some gorgeous smelling candles and run her a bath, after all, Mum's need to relax from time to time!
Make Up. Our favourite beauty bargain at the minute is MUA's undressed me too palette. At £4, it has all the great shades that will suit Mum's whether they want a casual look or something a bit fancier. Check out our review here.

The best things in life are free.

If you'd rather not spend your pennies on your Mum then as the heading says 'The best things in life are free.'

Breakfast in bed. Wake up extra early and make your Mum strawberries and toast. Or pancakes with honey. And a cuppa' of course.
Favour Coupons. I have given my Mum several of these and they always go down a treat (if and when she redeems them). I once made mine to look like Willy Wonka's golden tickets. I think Mum's like the idea of these more than anything else. You could offer to do the washing up or to give her a foot massage or treat her to cupcakes somewhere nice.
A hug and a sweet message. The most important gift you can give your Mum.

More lavish ideas if you can afford to really spoil your Mum

Lotions and Potions. (Champneys is a lovely brand).
Concert tickets. Make sure you ask someone's permission before splashing out on concert tickets.
Treat her to dinner at her favourite restaurant.
Perfume. My mum <3's Juicy Couture scents, which are very sweet and fruity.


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