Saturday, 23 March 2013

ELF makeup haul - March 2013 :)

Hello! Today's post is a huge haul from ELF. I have collected these bits and bobs over the past two orders. I placed one during their St Patrick's Day offer - 50% off! Bargain!! I also did another order, a couple of weeks later to pick up a few things that were out of stock before.

Elf   lipsticks (left to right - Gypsy, Flirtatious, Classy and Sociable).
Elf eyeshadow duos (left to right - Berry Mix, Butter Pecan)

At a mere £1.50 (75p with the offer!) I couldn't resist. I have recently become a bit lipstick obsessed and my collection is vastly growing (not for long though, I'm going on a spending ban to save up a bit :-) I have a problem with shopping... )

Lip product swatches galore :-) (left to right - Elf lipsticks in - Gypsy, Flirtatious, Classy, Sociable. Elf Mineral Lipstick in Runway Pink and Studio Glossy Gloss in Merry Cherry).

The three brushes I picked up were - Powder brush (I love this for applying foundation, much easier than a foundation brush!), Complexion brush and Total face brush. I love Elf's brushes, great for if you're on a budget and can't afford £10 for a brush (I think it's quite absurd as a student to spend that much on a brush haha).

Elf baked blush in Pinktastic. 
I AM IN LOVE! Gahhh! I have been wearing this non-stop as a highlight colour. I never really wear cheek products so I thought I would pick up a few and experiment. I'm never going back!

Swatches of Elf baked blush in Passion Pink.
I personally think this would work great as a bronzer, although I have just been wearing it very sheer as a blush for now :) When I'm a bit more tanned, then maybe I will be okay wearing bronzer, but for now, vampire ghostiness it is!

Swatch - Elf HD Blush in Showstopper.

Wow! I did not realise anything could be this pigmented. I haven't worn this yet as it's super bright and I don't think I have the confidence to pull this off in the daytime. We'll see!

Swatch - Elf blush with brush in Flushed.

I also picked up the 'Tone correcting concealer' in Ivory and Elf's eye shadow primer, which I can't wait to try out as I've never actually owned an eye shadow primer before, *gasp!*

Do you guys have any ELF recommendations? Comment below or tweet me @GossipCandyMag

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